Photography : Claudine Grin
Make up artist: Paul Benjamin
model: Kim Sasabone: &

Kim Sasabone

 , Leading Lady of the Vengaboys

& Owner of The Bootcamp Club Rotterdam

by Artportrait- photographe Yvelines spécialisé dans les Portraits

Kim Sasabone, singer of the wordwide hitgroup the Vengaboys is now pregnant and waiting for her babyboy to come into the world.

1.So you are pregnant now! What is something you have always wanted?
Definitely. I've always known i wanted to be a mum. But untill i was about 18 years old i was a 100 percent positive that i would never give birth myself.
I knew for sure i would adopt or something like that, only because giving birth scared the hell out of me. What was i thinking?
2.You are due in two weeks. Is giving birth something you are looking forward to?
Well, i'm not looking forward to giving birth itself but i can't wait to meet the little guy.
3. Did the pregnancy change you? And if yes in what way?
I guess for the first time in my life, my job is no longer #1.
4.What did/do you like the most of being pregnant?
Where to start? I love the whole process itself, it's so special and precious. I love how it brings my boyfriend and me even closer to each other.
That counts for family and friends as well, it brings loads of extra love. I can go on and on about the perks but one of the things i love as well is rarely having to set
my alarm in the evening in the last couple of months : )
5.You have seen so many places of the world with the Vengaboys, what place would you definitely like to return to as a family?
There are so many great places i'ld love to go back… For example New Zeeland and Australia, i absolutely adore the gorgeous landscape and would love to show it to my fam.
Kerala in India and South Afrika, such lovely places. Travelling through the USA by car would be great as well and of course i want to visit my native country Indonesia with my son and boyfriend.
6.What is a place you haven't seen yet, but you'd really like to go to?
Gosh, again too many places. Raja Ampat in Papua New Guinea, Kenia…i can go on and on!
7.You can't eat sushi and can't drink wine whilst pregnant… what thing do you miss the most?
I'm a sushi and wine lover so i definitely miss it, but it's not the end of the world. Especially now i'm at home, waiting for the baby to come i really miss my Venga's.
I'm used to spending so much time with them it feels weird not seeing them that often. Ow and working out! I can't wait to get back to my regular routine.
8.What about the Vengaboys? When can we see you back on stage?
I'll probably be on stage again somewhere in december or januari. It all depends on how i feel.
9. If you had to describe me in one word; what would that be?

Thanks Kim for answering these questions! If you want to see more of this photoshoot have a look


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