Irene Jacobs - award winning illustrator/graphic designer

by Artportrait- photographe Yvelines spécialisé dans les Portraits


*all the images on this page are made by Irene Jacobs

1. You have had quite some interviews already, and all about your style/inspiration but hardly about your personal life :-). What is the first thing you do getting up in the morning?
I look out of the window, to check the weather. :)

2. Your boyfriend is a contemporary artist. So how is that, two creative people in one relationship? Do you help eachother when the other is stuck or are you both so individual that you prefer not to hear his opinion?
We tell each other that something is wrong. And try to laugh about it and relax a little bit. It is good to talk about it and know that somebody understands your frustration. But the solution has to come from myself, he can not decide that. It would be like reading the end of the book before you are there. There is no fun in that.

3. Ok, now about your work. You have such an amaaazing list of clients ( WIRED, Vibe, Marie Claire UK, Toyota, Coca-Cola and ESPN for example) If you could make a wish, wich client calls you tomorrow morning for an assignment?
To be honest I really look forward to a week being my own client. I need to finish something I have had in my head for the passed three years. Time to get it done.

4. why?
Because I am so damn curious what will come out.

5. What is the most remarkable question a client had asked you concerning an assignment?
A question that is asked time and time again; can you get it done yesterday?

6. What is your fav food?
I guess I love the change of food, every day something else to look forward to. I love to try new things, healthy things without shit, superfoods one day and the next day a goodold fashioned fat and unhealthy frikandel speciaal.

7. Cats or dogs?

Both; dogs because they are such dear friends cats because they seem to get along pretty well without you.

8. What is the most difficult part of being an illustrator/artist?
To satisfy another creative mind.

9. Was it difficult having to design for a friend?
No it was great fun to work with you.

10. If you could describe me in one word, what would that be?
"wunny", from warm and funny.

Haha I will be your Wunny Bunny anytime! :-)
Thank you Irene for answering these questions.

*click here* if you want to see her in an interview for the Olympic games!

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